Standards and QoE
Monitoring Internal Standards Critical to QoE for Broadcast Content Delivery
Jun 23, 2020 in QoE / QoS Standards Other

“Without standards, there can be no improvement.” Taiichi Ohno, Toyota industrial engineer. Every industry has its specific set of standards to measure operations, safety and quality. These agreed

Compliance Regulation History
The Evolution of Broadcast Compliance Regulation

We talk a lot about broadcast compliance regulation, but how did it all begin?

Before US citizens watched television or used telephones, broadcast regulation started with the Radio Act of 1912 . This

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APB+ Talks to Qligent Product Manager about QoE and QoS
Jun 2, 2020 in Cloud Services QoE / QoS Other

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting asks "Can hybrid transmission strategies ensure jitter-free content to multi-screens?" and interviews Qligent's Product Manager Lang Cooksey about QoE and QoS. Also mentioned is Sinclair Broadcast Group's deployment of Qligent's Vision platform for its QoS/QoE and compliance monitoring solution.

Remote Assistance
Qligent: With you throughout COVID-19 and beyond
Jun 2, 2020 in Other

The safety and health of our customers and employees is foremost during these challenging times. We have taken extra steps to ensure that our software and solutions can be provisioned 100 percent remotely eliminating the requirement for on-site personnel both lowering any potential risk and simplifying the commissioning process.

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RBR-TVBR Spring 2020 Special Report Interview with Qligent
Apr 27, 2020 in News Other

COVID-19 and TV: Protect and Serve
Broadcast television has taken a lead role in delivering important information regarding the coronavirus pandemic to local communities across the U.S. But how are TV companies ensuring their employees' safety? Then there is the repack process, and equipment manufacturers working

IABM In Conversation
IABM TV Interviews Qligent Product Manager
Apr 8, 2020 in OTT QoE / QoS Other

IABM Ben Dales talks with Product Manager Lang Cooksey about how Qligent is addressing some of the current challenges in the broadcast and media content industry. Lang Cooksey cites the growth of OTT or streaming wars, for example, and how they fall short with regards to ensuring QoE, channel brand recognition and viewer retention. He

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A Matter of Quality
Apr 7, 2020 in QoE / QoS Other

As if the launch of the likes of Apple TV+ and Disney+ wasn’t placing enough strain on home networks, the need for masses to work at home due to the coronavirus has made matters considerably more complex. Joseph O’Halloran talks to Qligent about how to ensure quality of service. Read the article

Remote Services
How COVID-19 Pandemic Pushed the Use of Remote and Cloud Services in TV

Viewers’ appetites have increased for live TV news and streaming entertainment due to COVID-19 isolation. So, it would seem almost impossible for broadcasters and content providers to keep up with demand by working from home. Yet, the advent of digital technology has gradually turned...

ATSC 3.0 aka NextGen TV
How ATSC 3.0 aka NextGen TV is a Win-Win for Broadcasters and Viewers
Mar 17, 2020 in Broadcasting Standards Other

Sometimes a new law or standard is enforced that seems like a nuisance at the time to those concerned but ends up being particularly valuable in the long run. That was the case in 2009, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated the Advanced Television Systems Committee

OTT Summit, Atlanta
7 Takeaways from the SportsPro OTT Conference
Feb 26, 2020 in Content Delivery OTT Other

Having digested two days of panel discussions and debate by influential speakers and decision makers at the inaugural OTT Summit USA at Atlanta’s Turner Studios, here are seven key insights about the evolution of OTT sports content delivery and viewing.

In The News
Effective Monitoring Strategies Today And The Path Forward

In this Broadcast Bridge article, Qligent’s Director of Sales, John Shoemaker, talks about the multiplying number of stream monitoring and data aggregation points and increasingly efficient ways to proactively manage your QoS, QoE and compliance requirements.

Latency in live events
Latency or ‘Wait and See’ in Video Streaming
Feb 11, 2020 in OTT Other

Latency is one of the biggest challenges to delivering a quality streaming experience to viewers. Latency can be defined as the period between when a frame is captured to when it is displayed on a screen. Hitting ‘play’ and waiting to see content is the initial latency problem of a program. It’s even more crucial for showing live streams such as sporting events.

Cloud Computing Adoption
How Cloud Computing Benefits Broadcasters and Content Providers
Jan 16, 2020 in Cloud Services Other

In today’s digital world, it’s hard to imagine taking days to receive a physical copy of a syndicated program or paid advertisement. Or that a quick change in programming wouldn’t happen unless it was live or transmitted by the national broadcasting network.