Vision Dymos

Access cloud stream monitoring services on an as needed basis for live sports, concerts and other premium OTT/DTC media content. You can easily choose and configure your specific video, audio and data retention needs with Dymos on demand, dynamic and scalable monitoring for OTT/DTC. Predict and control stream monitoring costs with a true SaaS pay-as-you-go model.

Readily Deployable
The dynamically fashioned instance enables the support of events with minimal notice, connecting the service provider’s infrastructure with a Qligent Vision system in the cloud through a secure URL. Content providers enjoy the same benefits as 24/7 Vision users, monitoring QoS-related transport and physical streams, QoE-related issues (lack of signal, video freeze, missing audio) and compliance-related matters, such as audio loudness and closed captioning.
Dymos uses a SaaS model that affords substantial cost savings of up to 50 percent to event-driven streaming customers that don’t require, or simply can’t afford, a permanent monitoring system. It eliminates the expense and maintenance of a permanent monitoring infrastructure. Dymos is a cost-effective way to bring all the premium monitoring and analysis features that Qligent’s 24/7 broadcast and MVPD customers rely on worldwide, at an hourly rate.
The flexible hourly pricing structure means that service providers beyond the time that the system is live. Once disconnected from the cloud at the end of the event, Cloud Compute and Storage costs are added to the customer’s Cloud provider. Measurement and compliance results and recordings are still available for the customer after the event for a defined period of time – with no additional costs associated as the probing cloud instances have been turned off.
Dymos Applications
Qligent is changing the game for OTT service providers that produce and deliver live-streamed events such as sports, concerts, news conferences, debates, rallies, graduations, ceremonies, and live distance learning. Dymos dynamic monitoring solution eliminates the expense of a permanent on-premise infrastructure for performance and compliance monitoring of any temporary or scheduled event.