You depend on audiences and advertising to keep operations profitable. No matter what DMA your broadcast power reaches, your sales depend upon audience measurements or ratings and ensuring ad insertions are run as expected. The livelihood of your news department depends upon getting timely content and showing effective promotions.

Your engineering department works diligently to keep the content flowing without interruption or loss of quality to the viewer. Meanwhile, logging and monitoring records are maintained to ensure quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and compliance. The promotions department and other teams will find the easy to use tools within Vision to be a great way to extract and post timely content on the air and on social media.

  • Take Advantage of Digital Technology

    Today’s digital technology has simplified the process of logging and monitoring. Now, you can take advantage of other digital features that logging and monitoring toolsets have to offer such as recording, repurposing and analytics. Qligent’s Vision platform allows you to analyze content from different sources while Match™ detects ad insertion discrepancies and content rights violations. Vision lets you effortlessly send spot verifications to your advertisers and easily create promos of timely content.

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  • Easily Integrate Compliance Monitoring

    Qligent’s Vision compliance monitoring toolset can be easily integrated into your existing operational management system. For local TV stations and smaller station groups, Qligent’s new All-In-One Compliance Monitoring system can help proactively address regulatory requirements and other quality standards in one easily deployable solution.

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the qligent solution
Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Toolset

Qligent’s Vision comprehensive compliance monitoring toolset ensures your broadcast content meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and other standards. Qligent Vision can be integrated into your existing operations with the added features of real-time alerts and actionable root-cause analysis so you can rapidly respond to issues. Vision provides recording and archiving tools for every feed you monitor, from OTA, cable, satellite, IPTV or OTT.