Digital technology has simplified the logging and monitoring of media content and delivery and content providers can benefit from much more to remain competitive.

Video Interviews

Predictions for 2021

Brick Eksten, CEO, Qligent gives his predictions for the broadcast and media industry in 2021 with Stan Moote of IABM. View on IABM.

"A Consumer-Focused Approach to Broadcasting", Fireside Chat, TV2025: Monetizing the Future

CEO Brick Eksten’s Fireside Chat called “Cultivating a Consumer-Focused Approach to Broadcasting: Platforms, Analytics, Performance”. In this 15-minute interview by TV News Check’s Kathy Haley, Brick discusses how broadcasters and content providers should use analytics to ensure quality customer experiences.

IABM In Conversation With

Check out “IABM: In Conversation With” Qligent's Brick Eksten and Encompass Digital Media, Inc.'s Scott Rose as they discuss the modernization and future of media content delivery during this accelerated phase of technology innovation

IABM In Conversation with Qligent CEO Brick Eksten

IABM caught up with Brick Eksten, the new CEO of Qligent to find out his plans for the company’s development going forward. They discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help media companies optimize content delivery along with how Qligent’s products detect issues before they impact on the subscribers’ experience. According to recent IABM research, a number of media companies have drastically shifted their risk preferences regarding digital technologies so we asked Brick if this was the case with Qligent. Finally, Brick talks about how he sees the media and entertainment sector developing in the coming years as we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis. Link

RBR+TVBR Podcast with Brick Eksten

RBR+TVBR Podcast interview with Brick Eksten who shares his insight on the growing importance of reliable and distributed compliance monitoring. Listen here.

SVG Interviews Qligent Product Manager

Shifting Cloud Tech to a Consumption-based cost structure with Dymos

Product Manager Lang Cooksey offers a look at Vision’s Dymos, which provides live event originators the ability to leverage cloud technology on a consumption-based cost structure. See the short video interview from Sports Video Group here.

IABM TV Interviews Qligent Product Manager - April 7, 2020

IABM Ben Dales talks with Product Manager Lang Cooksey about how Qligent is addressing some of the current challenges in the broadcast and media content industry. Lang Cooksey cites the growth of OTT or streaming wars, for example, and how they fall short with regards to ensuring QoE, channel brand recognition and viewer retention. He also discusses Qligent’s Vision Analytics and Dymos™ solutions.

IABM TV Interviews Ted Korte, Qligent 2019

Ted Korte (CTO) talks to IABM TV about Qligent including what they do and what’s new. Ted also discusses how they involved in Monetization in the industry, and how they won the IABM BaM Award® in that category.

InBroadcast Insight – IBC 2019 - Qligent’s approach to churn prevention, Ted Korte, Sept. 23, 2019

Silent sufferers are a precursor to churn. Early detection gives broadcasters and service providers more time, options and power to correct these problems. Qligent CTO Ted Korte discusses the answers with InBroadcast's Ashley Blankenship

Broadcast Beat - Pre-NAB Show Video Interview, Ted Korte, March 27, 2019

Ryan Salazar interviews Ted Korte. They discuss how Qligent moved from monitoring QoS/QoE to data analytics. They discuss how big data is leveraged for AI on the production side and on the viewer experience side. Qligent specializes in technology to help prevent churn, identify silent sufferers and predict service availability issues before they happen. Learn how can broadcasters and content providers be competitive by adopting technology and lead with superior quality.

InBroadcast – NAB 2019

Qligent’s debut of Compliance Logging, VOD Verification and Churn Prediction

Rapid TV News – NAB 2018, Ted Korte, April 20, 2018

Joe O’Halleran and Ted Korte discuss industry trends in content creation and new standards such as HDR, 4K, ATSC. Ted Korte describes how there is more demand on services and a change in delivery where speed to market is important. SaaS and MaaS are services offered to meet this demand quickly.

InBroadcast Insight – NAB 2018

Ted Korte of Qligent talks with Ashley Blankenship of InBroadcast about last-mile content and advertising verification. How Qligent is helping bridge the gap from ATSC 1.0 to Repack & Lighthouse to ATSC 3.0 and OTT transition from VOD to Live Linear to Personalized Experiences.

Broadcast Beat – NAB Show, April 10, 2018

Ted Korte discusses how broadcasting and content provider and channels and brands markets that have the need for content verification.


Streaming Media "Advanced Data and Analytics" Webinar

Panel discussion with Qligent's CEO Brick Eksten along with thought leaders from NPAW, Edgeware and SSIMWAVE.

Moving to Consumption-Based OTT Distribution and Monitoring

Join Encompass Digital Media's Scott Rose and Qligent's John Shoemaker and discover the new approach of consumption-based OTT distribution & monitoring of events in this recorded webinar.

Video & Audio Examples

Black Screen

Mainly caused by total service disruption, Black Screen (sometimes also called “Black”, “No Video”, “No Decodable Video” or “No Signal”) is the most serious issue affecting end-viewer experience


Usually preceding total service degradation, Freeze (sometimes also called “Frozen Screen”) is among TOP-3 issues reported by users in digital signal delivery.

Macroblocking or pixelation

Most common digital compression artefact, Macroblocking (sometimes also called “Blocking” or “Pixelation”) together with Black Screen and Freeze covers up to 90% of overall impairment affecting subscribers' experience.

Content Mismatch

Incorrect regional content or advertising replacing (sometimes also called “Mis-splicing”) may result in significant loss of revenue, reputation and incur penalties.


Derived from CRT era, interlaced videos suffer from combing and twittering effects on moving objects edges or striped patterns..

Missing Caption / Subtitles

Designed to improve content accessibility, Captions and Subtitles' distribution is mandatory in most countries. Captions presence engages more viewers to access content – including those who are non-native speakers, watch TV in noisy environments or are hearing impaired.