As OTT / DTC continue to gain in popularity and services migrate to the public internet it is important to ensure you are maximizing the opportunity to deliver a fantastic experience to the consumer. QoE and QoS are the cornerstones of managing the consumer experience and issues with start time, latency and other quality impacts caused by network congestion are all important monitoring points.

However, the format often impacts the nature of the viewers experience even though they expect it to be the same as traditional TV. Since the quality of mobile viewing is affected by internet connection and bandwidth, the start speed might result in initial latency —the time it takes between hitting ‘play’ and seeing something on screen. If viewers abandon the stream in frustration, your service could experience reduced audiences and lower ad profits. Subsequently, if viewers are not happy with their subscriptions, they might cancel them and turn to others even if your brand is not in control of the medium.

  • Impacts to QoE

    There are multiple points along the content delivery chain that can negatively impact quality of experience (QoE). Starting from the headend with compression, decoding/encoding and packaging to the content delivery network (CDN) and access network, a lot can happen. When many viewers want to access a stream or video at the same time, the lack of scalability affects the quality of transmission to viewers.

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  • Biggest Challenge for OTT/DTC

    Latency is one of the biggest challenges to delivering a quality streaming experience to audiences. Latency can be defined as the period between when a frame is captured to when it is displayed on a screen. This is particularly noticeable for events that depend upon the ‘live’ experience such as sports, gambling, gaming and auctions.

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the qligent solution
Identify Viewing Issues, Measure Audiences and Predict Trends

Qligent Vision monitors OTT streams to ensure negative issues affecting user experience are identified and mitigated prior to creating audience churn. Qligent Vision gathers OTT-specific metrics such as HTTP server and client errors, buffer errors and playlist errors. Qligent Vision allows providers to perform real-time and/or historical root cause analyses (RCA) for future predictive analysis and prevention. Qligent Vision combined with Qligent Foresight™ provides reliable audience measurement and trend prediction using AI and machine learning to aggregate disparate data sources. Qligent can be your one stop shop to help improve user engagement and experience.