About Us

Qligent provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis solutions to empower broadcasters and content providers with insights, efficiency and confidence to make critical business decisions in an evolving media market. Qligent’s innovative software and cloud service technologies enable content distributors to meet internal and external standards from origination to the consumer ensuring the highest quality of experience.

Qligent’s Vision™ products have been recognized with multiple awards for their innovation, efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Qligent has more than 20 years of experience monitoring and assuring quality of distribution for thousands of channels in thousands of locations worldwide.

Qligent is proud to stay connected and knowledgeable with industry news, trends and technology through its participation in these business groups: National Association of Broadcasters, International Trade Association for the Broadcast and Media Industry (IABM), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Sports Video Group.