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Testing Times

Lockdowns and working from home during the pandemic has significantly affected viewing patterns. With Test & Monitor essential to consumer QoE, have sector players faced additional challenges? Euromedia found out from a range of player show they have responded, as well as continuing to enable their broadcaster and service provider clients to maintain market share and protect revenue. Read the article on page 10 of Euromedia.

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Monitoring a Maturing OTT Content Market
Jul 8, 2020 in Compliance Monitoring OTT DTC

Qligent CEO Brick Eksten discusses the move toward direct-to-consumer delivery models for content, and how this has led to Qligent's flexible Dymos QoS monitoring solution. Read the InBroadcast article.

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After Volicon: Compliance And Monitoring Evolve
Jun 26, 2020 in Compliance Monitoring

In a post-Volicon landscape, broadcasters are scrambling to replace their compliance and monitoring services. They face vastly different regulatory requirements for OTT in doing so, but also an upside of new features including AI, on-prem, cloud or hybrid options and built-

Compliance Regulation History
The Evolution of Broadcast Compliance Regulation

We talk a lot about broadcast compliance regulation, but how did it all begin?

Before US citizens watched television or used telephones, broadcast regulation started with the Radio Act of 1912 . This

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Interview: What's New and How Qligent is Addressing the Current Situation

A TM Broadcast Interview with John Shoemaker, Director of Sales, Qligent Corp., talks about what's new and how Qligent is addressing the current situation. Read the interview on page 65 of TM Broadcast.

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Effective Monitoring Strategies Today And The Path Forward

In this Broadcast Bridge article, Qligent’s Director of Sales, John Shoemaker, talks about the multiplying number of stream monitoring and data aggregation points and increasingly efficient ways to proactively manage your QoS, QoE and compliance requirements.