Content Delivery

Ad Verification
How to Simplify Ad Verification in Complex OTT/DTC Delivery

Your client just spent thousands of dollars on ad production matching that cost with ad placements for specific markets and airtimes to reach their target audience. How do you assure your client that their ad ran correctly, next to appropriate content and without a glitch, when there are multiple platforms and so many variables in the content distribution chain?

Ensure the viewer's QoE
Monitoring QoS and QoE to Help Reduce Churn
Sep 8, 2020 in Content Delivery QoE / QoS

Have you ever watched a football game and heard “Touchdown!” seconds before you saw it happen? Or watched a singing competition with a lip-sync delay? Or maybe you were absorbed in a suspenseful movie when the screen went black. These are examples of poor quality of experience or QoE.

SLAs and QoE
SLAs Important for Monitoring QoE in Media Content Delivery
Jul 6, 2020 in Content Delivery QoE / QoS

When the screen goes black, freezes or pixelates, who are you going to call? First, contact your internal technical support team familiar with the required standards written into SLAs.

Remote Services
How COVID-19 Pandemic Pushed the Use of Remote and Cloud Services in TV

Viewers’ appetites have increased for live TV news and streaming entertainment due to COVID-19 isolation. So, it would seem almost impossible for broadcasters and content providers to keep up with demand by working from home. Yet, the advent of digital technology has gradually turned...

OTT Summit, Atlanta
7 Takeaways from the SportsPro OTT Conference
Feb 26, 2020 in Content Delivery OTT Other

Having digested two days of panel discussions and debate by influential speakers and decision makers at the inaugural OTT Summit USA at Atlanta’s Turner Studios, here are seven key insights about the evolution of OTT sports content delivery and viewing.