Qligent Foresight

Leverage big data, AI and machine learning to aggregate data points from disparate sources. Make business decisions based on predictive analyses from aggregated systems readings and user behavior with Qligent Foresight. Consolidate and take advantage of siloed data across CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRM, support ticket systems, network and hardware monitoring systems, media asset management systems, and end user devices.

Discover and Uncover
Foresight analytics enables you to extract the maximum value out of your data and gain the intelligence you can trust. With strategically crafted KPI’s and KQI’s for accurate and real-time tracking of the end-to-end streaming experience, Foresight can help improve sales, marketing, business development and IT team performance. Using its predictive analysis, you will be able to quickly identify silent sufferers, those viewers who are not calling for help before cancelling their service. You can combine subscriber risk data with known churn triggers to gain specific business intelligence, launch churn-prevention scripts, and track your customer retention programs and strategies efficiently.
Measure. Manage. Monetize.
The only true measurement of your products or services value is user engagement. At Qligent we believe that user engagement equally depends on both the content offered and the streaming experience gained. It all starts with a better understanding of your customers. Qligent Foresight Analytics continuously studies user behavior and content delivery "from lens to screen” providing insights into the patterns driving positive and negative experiences, thus identifying the factors that contribute to higher engagement. For greater granularity, Foresight determines the varying levels of user experience and their influence on engagement among different user groups, locations, subscription levels and many other aspects.
Business Intelligence You Can Trust
User engagement is highly correlated with overall profitability for a company. Better engagement allows businesses to thrive from their products and services with Ads (AVOD), Subscriptions (SVOD), or Pay-per-view sales (TVOD). Qligent Foresight Analytics provides Business Intelligence you can trust to make the right decisions and validate the performance of your data driven strategies as they evolve.
Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Big Data
Collect, analyze, act and report. Foresight helps you sort through mountains of Big Data coming from multiple viewing platforms, CDNs, devices and customer engagement systems to be able to analyze risk factors, engagement and potential churn. You can take preventive steps to proactively contact silent sufferers and launch retention scripts. Comprehensive reports and dashboards show business intelligence and impact analysis complete with real-time KPI's and KQI's, report engine and more.