Data Tools and Technologies
It’s All About the Data
Nov 9, 2020 in Analytics QoE / QoS

It’s all about the data. How many times have you heard that statement? Whether you are a trucking company or Tesla doing autonomous driving or Netflix managing recommendations to your audience, it is all about the data. It’s not just big data, but how much you can gather and connect from many sources, different device types, networks and users to create a holistic picture of your business. If you’re a broadcaster or media content provider, you should be connecting multiple media metrics with other departmental data and intelligence to help you make better operational business decisions. What tools and technologies should you take advantage of to harness your data?

Ad Verification
How to Simplify Ad Verification in Complex OTT/DTC Delivery

Your client just spent thousands of dollars on ad production matching that cost with ad placements for specific markets and airtimes to reach their target audience. How do you assure your client that their ad ran correctly, next to appropriate content and without a glitch, when there are multiple platforms and so many variables in the content distribution chain?

In The News
BFV Interview: Qligent continues to develop next-generation data and analytics technology
Jul 29, 2020 in Analytics

In this issue Broadcast Film & Video speaks exclusively to the CEO of Qligent, Brick Eksten, who has extensive knowledge of the industry and has led several companies throughout his career. He talks about how what he thinks OTT will look...