Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions

Qligent offers a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of media delivery. Qligent products assure consistent QoE and service across any OTA, satellite, cable, MVPD or OTT delivery/distribution platform.
Ad / Media

Content is king but advertising pays the bills. The value of any advertising and media content is only secured by ensuring all of the content, inclusive of advertising is delivered to the viewer maintaining the quality of experience expected by the client and ensuring their brand integrity.

Media content inclusive of advertising is as valuable as the quality of experience delivered to the viewer and expected by the client with vested brand integrity.


We live in a data driven world. Large internet companies leverage vast amounts of data derived from the systems, networks and consumers they touch every day. Broadcasters and content providers must learn to not only gather more data, but to harness that data in a meaningful way that will help address the questions of scale, reach and customers satisfaction. Qligent Vision is the entry point for gathering big data.


As a broadcaster you’re required to record and maintain records of aired programming for government regulators as well as for service level agreements (SLA). Qligent Vision helps you avoid fines and penalties by ensuring your broadcast content meets or exceeds all standards and regulatory requirements such as closed captions and audio loudness.

Live Events

A recent study by ABI forecasts there will be 91 million subscribers to live video streaming by 2024. The biggest issue for watching live streams is “grass to glass timing” or the time it takes from being captured on camera to when it is displayed on the viewer’s screen.


Today, multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) provide many television channels for a monthly subscription fee to an estimated 80 percent of U.S. households. As an operator that provides a multiple channel service over cable, fiber or satellite, your priority is offering quality programming to your customers or subscribers.


You depend on audiences and advertising to keep operations profitable. No matter what DMA your broadcast power reaches, your sales depend upon audience measurements or ratings and ensuring ad insertions are run as expected. The livelihood of your news department depends upon getting timely content and showing effective promotions.


As OTT / DTC continue to gain in popularity and services migrate to the public internet it is important to ensure you are maximizing the opportunity to deliver a fantastic experience to the consumer. QoE and QoS are the cornerstones of managing the consumer experience and issues with start time, latency and other quality impacts caused by network congestion are all important monitoring points.


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