Today, multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) provide many television channels for a monthly subscription fee to an estimated 80 percent of U.S. households. As an operator that provides a multiple channel service over cable, fiber or satellite, your priority is offering quality programming to your customers or subscribers.

Minimize cord cutting by maximizing quality of experience or QOE. Cord cutting is costing MVPD operators to lose customers at an alarming rate. Ensuring QOE and QOS is critical to maximizing viewer retention and profitability. Maintaining your network performance from origin to the consumer is the first step in delivering quality content, but monitoring helps you identify and mitigate issues before they impact the subscriber.

  • Curb Silent Sufferers and Reduce Audience Churn

    Your offering’s price and programs may be the deciding factors that keep a subscriber but ensuring optimal quality of service can help curb silent sufferers and reduce audience churn. ‘Frustrating user experiences or hard to navigate interfaces may not bode well when it comes to subscriber retention…’ according to RapidTV News and the Nielsen Total Audience Report. Remember, it’s easier and less costly to retain a satisfied customer than to acquire a new one.

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  • Optimize Delivery Performance and QoS

    You can ensure your delivery performance is optimized by monitoring and maintaining the condition of your network hardware and services equipment. Network service providers (NSP) can also help customers by improving gateways, upgrading set-top boxes or making smart-TV recommendations. Another way is to implement quality monitoring along your content delivery network from headend to the last mile.

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  • Monitor Network Performance and QoE

    Qligent Vision monitors network performance in real-time while Foresight™ leverages machine learning and other data science technologies to predict conditions that might turn viewers off. Users can track which events cause viewers to become disengaged and follow subscribers by merging quality of experience with Qligent’s true end-to-end technology.

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the qligent solution
Aggregate Disparate Data to Make Predictive Analyses

Qligent Foresight will use Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning to aggregate data points from disparate sources such as CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRM, support ticket system, network monitoring systems, hardware monitoring systems, media asset management systems, and end user devices (such as Smart TVs, set-top boxes, iOS devices, and Android devices) to make predictive analyses based on technical readings from systems and user behavior.