Advertising & Media Monitoring Agencies

Content is king but advertising pays the bills. The value of any advertising and media content is only secured by ensuring all of the content, inclusive of advertising is delivered to the viewer maintaining the quality of experience expected by the client and ensuring their brand integrity.

Media content inclusive of advertising is as valuable as the quality of experience delivered to the viewer and expected by the client with vested brand integrity.

You need to be able to monitor and verify that it is displayed correctly and according to SLAs. Linear advertising might be more straightforward in delivery while today’s delivery chain might also include terrestrial, cable, IP, satellite, local ad-insertion agencies and CDNs. Today’s digital technologies demand multiple formats get delivered across multiple platforms to multiple device types. You have very limited control over the quality of the content delivery once it gets to the end customer with so many points of possible failure along the way.

  • Maximize ROI on Your Client’s Ad Campaigns

    Agencies need to ensure they are maximizing the ROI on their client’s advertising campaigns. It is important to verify ads are run as contracted and next to appropriate content. You need to be able to track if, where and when your client’s TV ad was broadcast or shown.

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  • Verify Proper Programming and Advertising Content

    You need to associate a reference stream to verify proper programming and advertising content. You might also need to keep up with competitor’s content programming or ads in real time. Content copyright protection is another challenge for content media agencies.

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the qligent solution
Get 24/7 Fully Automated Real‑Time
Advertisement Verification
Qligent’s Vision solution provides 24/7 fully automated advertising verification in real time across multiple distribution platforms. Leveraging SCTE-35 analysis tools on-board, Vision ensures ads are run according to schedule or splicing events for regional insertion. Vision compliance recording, Vision AsRun traffic schedule import and Vision Match option simplify verification and reporting while significantly reducing labor hours.