Use Cases

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is difficult for the seasoned engineer so nearly impossible for the partially trained part-timer. Accurate RCA requires proper system monitoring deployment and a skilled selection in monitoring solutions.

Advertising Verification

Advertising monitoring and verification is a top-priority concern for most broadcasters. The key to success requires utilizing the maximum allocated air time while guaranteeing ads are correctly aired and match the specified quota

Regulatory Compliance

Each country has its own set of regulations for broadcasting. Broadcasters require a reliable and distributed compliance monitoring and audit trail to ensure their operations comply with regulations to avoid unnecessary penalties and fees.

Migrating to ATSC 3.0

ATSC 3.0 is an incredibly powerful “must-have” which really changes the competitive landscape for over-the-air (OTA) broadcast. However, there are concerns in the industry whether there are enough staff and skills to execute the rollout in a timely manner, especially with a 10-Phase 39-month repack plan to execute, and factoring in all the new components with ATSC 3.0.

SLA Compliance

Broadcasters want to be sure that their content and programming reaches subscribers in a reliable way. In the modern mixed media consumption model delivery relies on multiple operators who are only responsible and focused on their portion of the content along the delivery chain.

Expansion and Modernization

Adding another Program, MUX or Service to an existing delivery system with minimal or no disruption and compressed schedules and budgets is no trivial task.

End-to-end Monitoring

The key to success is to know the true picture of the end-to-end delivery to the end-consumer, which entails isolating the fault, troubleshooting and getting to the root cause issue or event, and taking proactive actions to prevent the event from occurring again.

Last Mile

Statistics show that up to 90 percent of delivery issues happen in the last mile out to the end-consumer. Keeping the right balance between visibility and cost provides a wealth of information for proactive service quality optimization.