Qligent Vision

Monitor your network with a solution that combines intelligent, scalable architecture, intuitive display and deep analytics for all aspects of media service delivery. View a single customized dashboard for real-time monitoring and analysis of all your quality and operational data. Whether you are looking for traditional compliance solutions or need to replace your outdated solution, Qligent Vision provides consolidated reporting and monitoring based upon what’s important to you. Your solution is automatically upgraded with meaningful analysis, simple repurposing and multiviewers for added value. Vision 3 now supports the ATSC 3.0 standard including advanced codecs, TTML, and multichannel audio. By adding Vision ATSC 3.0 licensed support you can directly manage ATSC 3.0 channels and ATSC 1.0 channels side by side, directly comparing deliverables despite the differences in codecs and delivery formats. Use the same QoE and QoS tools that Vision is famous for to evaluate any ATSC standards based channel. New in Vision is support for remote monitoring capabilities through the deployment of lightweight receivers that can be placed strategically throughout your network or in your broadcast coverage area.

Quick and simple to deploy and use, Vision’s lightweight architecture reduces costs and provides action-based, real-time root cause analysis. Its software-driven probes have limitless expandability throughout the network and offer broadcasters, network operators and content distributors a financially viable method to finally gain direct analytical access at the last mile.
Vision shifts your content distribution to a new level of reliability – monitoring more points than ever, all real-time, providing an unprecedented level of fault tolerance and redundancy with hot-swap backup, load balancing and clustering. Designed to operate continuously, Vision enables detailed root cause analysis that includes 24/7 video capture of each issue along with time correlated trend history.
Deploying Vision over the entire network unveils a true picture of the channel delivery out to the last mile. Correlated trending and analytics help predict vulnerabilities and will prescribe actionable results to optimize infrastructure and operational efficiencies. By overseeing all points along the distribution channel, Vision helps to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) before it becomes an issue.
Vision includes real-time alerting of QoS and QoE issues throughout the delivery platform. User-defined notifications include audible alarms as well as email and text messaging for off-site personnel. Intuitive visualization and logging expedite corrective action to optimize the end-user’s QoEs.
Actionable Visualization
Vision features an overall media distribution status on a single screen. We address both stream and media monitoring - from the objective physical and transport layers (QoS) to the subjective end-users (QoE). With flexible and useful KPIs, Qligent follows your business-defined goals and policies while conveying your vision of performance distribution and ultimate effect. Vision is a single solution that fits both management and technical needs and provides a configurable user interface. The customizable dashboard shows a flexible level of on-screen details, alarms aggregation and auto-correlation for root cause and impact analysis, overall media service quality and performance trending.
Leveraging the infinite scalability of Cloud deployment and power of BigData technologies, Qligent’s products are designed for networks of all sizes – from single station to national and worldwide. Vision provides our customers an understanding of their QoE across multiplatform content delivery.
Vision’s template based, fully customizable reporting capabilities turn relevant and critical data into prescriptive and actionable awareness. It provides real-time monitoring as well as comprehensive SLA metrics, and trending and data analytics. Vision’s updated analytics platform harnesses the power of data mining, machine learning and predictive data analytics to enhance quality of experience (QoE). It processes multiple datasets to help broadcasters, MVPDs and OTT service providers quickly address and prevent issues.