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Event-Based Monitoring in Pure Cloud Environment
Dec 10, 2020 in Cloud Services OTT QoE / QoS

As consumers transition to online entertainment platforms, the need to track consumer demand, expectations and satisfaction grows. Learn more with Qligent's CEO Brick Eksten on page 20 of RapidTV Everywhere's December supplement.

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Monitoring a Maturing OTT Content Market
Jul 8, 2020 in Compliance Monitoring OTT DTC

Qligent CEO Brick Eksten discusses the move toward direct-to-consumer delivery models for content, and how this has led to Qligent's flexible Dymos QoS monitoring solution. Read the InBroadcast article.

OTT Streaming Growth
2020: The Growth Spurt Year of Streaming
May 5, 2020 in OTT DTC

The year 2020 was designated as the year of sound by the International Commission for Acoustics, but it has turned into the year of streaming. When stay-at-home isolation orders were issued in early March to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumers were compelled to experience more home

IABM In Conversation
IABM TV Interviews Qligent Product Manager
Apr 8, 2020 in OTT QoE / QoS Other

IABM Ben Dales talks with Product Manager Lang Cooksey about how Qligent is addressing some of the current challenges in the broadcast and media content industry. Lang Cooksey cites the growth of OTT or streaming wars, for example, and how they fall short with regards to ensuring QoE, channel brand recognition and viewer retention. He

OTT Summit, Atlanta
7 Takeaways from the SportsPro OTT Conference
Feb 26, 2020 in Content Delivery OTT Other

Having digested two days of panel discussions and debate by influential speakers and decision makers at the inaugural OTT Summit USA at Atlanta’s Turner Studios, here are seven key insights about the evolution of OTT sports content delivery and viewing.

Latency in live events
Latency or ‘Wait and See’ in Video Streaming
Feb 11, 2020 in OTT Other

Latency is one of the biggest challenges to delivering a quality streaming experience to viewers. Latency can be defined as the period between when a frame is captured to when it is displayed on a screen. Hitting ‘play’ and waiting to see content is the initial latency problem of a program. It’s even more crucial for showing live streams such as sporting events.