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Services Overview
At Qligent we believe Services should go beyond the traditional planning and installation of a deployed media monitoring system. With years of industry expertise and cloud-ready products, we are proudly offering our clients intelligent, scalable and cost-effective solutions and services that are perfectly aligned to their needs.
At Qligent we strive to assist our partners/clients with balancing their Capex and Opex distribution needs. QLIGENT®'s SaaS solution better aligns us with our customers rather than traditional models, which enables us to provide expedited deployment, scalability, limited capital expense, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.
Building on the success of our SaaS model, Qligent takes things one step further by offering QLIGENT® Oversight as a managed service. The broadcast industry’s first true 24/7 or event based Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering. Our clients can now receive the additional benefit of our expertise and years of experience in broadcast by outsourcing the proactive QoS/QoE monitoring and Root Cause Analysis to our 24 hour live monitoring center.