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Products’ Overview

Broadcast Compliance Monitoring Products

Qligent’s comprehensive toolset enables real-time broadcast compliance monitoring and reporting. The Qligent software solution measures your ultimate quality of service (QoS) for RF signal, IP statistics or OTT metrics. Qligent’s products prove performance and compliance from headend to viewer. A single customizable dashboard aggregates your quality and operational data. When your specified thresholds fluctuate, real-time notifications will alert you for corrective action. Qligent’s platform provides QoS, QoE and compliance monitoring, recording and match options. Qligent’s combined toolset includes Vision, Scan, Record and Point patented technologies. If you’re looking for traditional compliance tools or a Volicon replacement such as competitive analysis, content repurposing and multiviewers, Qligent Vision provides more benefits.

Qligent Vision Broadcast Compliance Monitoring

Qligent Vision ensures your viewers’ quality of experience (QoE) meets all expectations. The Vision platform checks terrestrial, cable, satellite or IPTV networks for broadcast compliance at any point in the distribution chain. Qligent Vision provides automated monitoring by exception and root-cause analysis. Therefore, engineering can respond to quality issues before viewers can switch away.

Qligent Scan Advertising Monitoring

Qligent Scan analyzes content from different sources and detects ad insertion mismatches and content rights violations. Scan automates the discovery of any technical issues or errors within content workflows. This tool instantly notifies operators for faster detection, isolation and resolution of content mismatch problems. Scan verifies broadcast service delivery of advertisements and programming content.

Qligent Record Compliance Logging and Archive Tools

Qligent Record meets the critical requirements of regulators and advertisers to prove transmissions match their full playout schedule. Qligent Record provides broadcast monitoring, recording and archiving tools for every feed you monitor from off-air, cable and satellite to the last mile. Record allows for repurposing of content as well as compliance verification. The Record tool is scalable from a single site to complex worldwide networks.

Qligent Point Standalone Broadcast Compliance Monitoring Tool

Qligent Point focuses on deep on-site broadcast compliance monitoring to troubleshoot specific locations along the distribution chain. The detailed root cause analysis includes multi-source 24/7 video, stream and signal capture along a timeline. This tool is particularly useful for detecting intermittent issues.

Qligent Foresight™ Analytics

Qligent Foresight™ will use big data, AI, and machine learning to aggregate data points from disparate sources such as CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRM, support ticket system, network monitoring systems, hardware monitoring systems, media asset management systems, and end user devices (for example smart TVs, set-top boxes, iOS devices, and Android devices) to make predictive analyses based on technical readings from systems and user behavior.

On Demand, Dynamic, Scalable Monitoring of Events

Qligent Vision Dymos™ provides media event originators the ability to leverage the convenience of cloud technology on a truly consumption-based cost structure. Launching and properly terminating the monitoring for events in cloud instances ensures that cloud compute costs are only accrued for the duration of the event monitoring, as opposed to the always-on, 24/7 monitoring of the past.