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Products’ Overview
QLIGENT® is a complete product family for monitoring all critical aspects of media service delivery from RF signal and media stream parameters to in-depth content (video, audio, and metadata) verification.
QLIGENT® Vision is a software based monitoring solution that brings intelligent architecture, intuitive display and limitless scalability for analyzing all aspects of media service delivery at any point in the distribution chain for terrestrial, cable, satellite or IPTV networks.
QLIGENT® Scan is a non-invasive, fingerprint based solution for advertisement monitoring, search, and content rights verification for any media delivery service.
QLIGENT® Record is a compliance recording solution, linked to a daily playout schedule, which adds logging and streaming of media programs with comprehensive metadata search capabilities to your landscape.
QLIGENT® Point is a standalone version of QLIGENT® Vision for deep on-site monitoring, go-live support and troubleshooting at any specific point along the distribution chain.