Qligent Foresight™ Evolves Predictive Analysis Solution to Prevent Viewer Churn and Improve Customer Experience

Qligent announces Foresight, its second-generation, cloud-based service that uses AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data to mitigate content distribution issues. Designed to help broadcasters, MVPDs, and OTT service providers understand and correlate factors that contribute to higher audience engagement, Foresight provides real-time 24/7 data analytics based on system performance and user behavior.

“Foresight uses the data you already have in your plant, plus some new data that you can gather from end user devices, for predictive analysis,” said Lang Cooksey, Product Manager, Qligent. “It’s vital to understand how network outages and other technical issues cause problems all the way through to the customer, for example. We’re trying to help stop silent sufferers from leaving your service, and predict and prevent customer churn.”

Qligent Foresight aggregates data points from end user equipment – including set-top boxes, smart TVs, and iOS and Android devices – as well as CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRMs, support ticketing systems, network monitoring systems, and other hardware monitoring systems. Using scalable cloud processing, its integrated AI and Machine Learning provide automated data collection, while its deep learning technology mines data from hundreds or thousands of layers of data. Big Data technology then correlates and aggregates the data for real-time, cloud-based quality assurance, helping service providers quickly address distribution issues.

With its unique deployment of networked and virtual probes, Foresight creates a controlled data mining environment that is not compromised by operator error, viewer disinterest, user hardware malfunction, or other variables. As a result, service providers have a prevention-oriented toolset that can predict conditions negatively impacting audience engagement.

Customizable reports summarize key performance indicators (KPIs), key quality indicators (KQIs), and other criteria for multiplatform content distribution. All findings are presented on Qligent’s intuitive and flexible dashboard, accessible from a computer or mobile device.

Cooksey adds that Foresight can produce significant revenue protection for service providers by helping them maintain customer satisfaction and long-term subscriptions. Additionally, Foresight can provide revenue protection by monitoring end user equipment and without including data from receiving devices. That can help build internal technical support databases.

“We can look into IT asset management systems and say, ‘We noticed that the last time a product like this exceeded its warranty, these specific technical problems were resolved through replacement,’” Cooksey added. “This added level of business intelligence can pay dividends for the content or service provider.”