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Management Team

Eugene Shchemelev
Chief Executive Officer
Eugene Shchemelev assumed the position of President and CEO of Qligent when company was formed as a separate entity from the Tecom Group Inc. in 2014. Through sound business practices, strong leadership and integrity, Eugene has been responsible for the successful formation, acquisition and growth of multiple small companies. As President and CEO of The Tecom Group, Eugene has over 20 years of experience serving customers in the Broadcast and Telco markets, successfully executing custom workflow and network management projects. Qligent’s formation is a result of direct customer feedback on the modern digital broadcast industry’s need for a monitoring solution. A team of industry experts worked closely with lead customers for more than two years on the gaps in current solutions and identifying future needs. After this extensive work, Eugene was then pleased to announce “Qligent Inc.” as a new independent company that is dedicated and ready to offer solutions with new original approach in monitoring to customers worldwide.
John Shoemaker
Director of Sales
John joined Qligent in 2016 as Director of Sales. Before joining Qligent, John gained over 20 years of experience with Crystal, Comlink, Inc., VCI Solutions, and Myers Information Systems delivering hardware and software solutions in the Broadcast Radio and TV marketplace. John’s experience includes sales/business development in Network Monitoring and Management, System Integration, Master Control Automation, and Traffic and Billing solutions. John’s focus is to build new business opportunities through direct sales and channel partners.
Jane Mays
Business Administration Manager
Jane has been a key member of the Q'ligent leadership team since inception of the business in 2014. She has a twenty-five year track record of successful business startup and growth performance. Jane is experienced in general accounting, expense management, purchasing, payroll, employee benefits, recruiting, government relations and regulatory compliance.
Andrey Gaynulin
Chief Operating Officer
Andrey joined Qligent as Chief Operating Officer in 2014. Shortly after Qligent was formed from the Tecom Group Inc. in 2014 as a separate company, Andrey reallocated from Tecom to Qligent Inc. to drive the company's world-wide business development to address new challenges and opportunities brought by broadcast and Telco markets. Before joining Qligent, Andrey gained 13 years of experience with Tecom Group in the areas of software and hardware development, system integration and managed services provision for Broadcast TV and Telecommunications. Andrey earned a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting Technologies, a master's degree in Networking and Telecommunications and a Ph.D. in Systems Analysis and Big Data Processing.
Judy Gasperini
Marketing Manager
Judy joined Qligent as Marketing Manager in November 2019. She is an experienced marketing professional who has worked in software and electronics technology markets for over 20 years. Prior to joining Qligent, she led marketing initiatives with Saalex Corp., Modus Operandi, Inc. and Intersil Corp. She has a broad background and experience with skills in communications, business development, customer service and marketing strategy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Radio-TV and an MBA from the University of Central Florida.
Larissa Coelho
Deputy Business and Finance Manager
Larissa Coelho joined Qligent as Deputy Business and Finance Manager in November 2019.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey. She has gained valuable customer service, sales and finance experience in her previous roles. In her current position, she is supporting Qligent with its growth and corporate financial infrastructure.