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End-to-end monitoring

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Nowadays media distribution heavily relies on multiple operators, departments, and vendors who are only responsible for their parts of the delivery chain out to the end-customer. Unfortunately any component could be a potential point of failure and relying on SLA’s and good faith isn’t the most effective way to solve problems quickly. Equipment faults, link faults, software faults, human mistakes etc. happening separately, simultaneously or any combination complicates the situation further. The key to success is to know the true picture of the end to end delivery to the end consumer, isolate the fault, troubleshoot and get to the root cause or event taking proactive actions to prevent it. Need to get the right person working on the right problem as quickly as possible regardless of who’s department the problem is in.


Simultaneous monitoring of all layers of a media stream and content verification in every key point of the delivery chain is the only efficient approach. Profiling the initial performance, isolating existing bottle necks helps verification of SLA compliance. Q’ligent provides a complete solution for end-to-end delivery verification. Vision addresses both stream and media monitoring - from the Objective physical and transport layers per the individual standards based recommended practices (the QoS) to Subjective end users quality of experience of the delivered Audio, Video and Data (the QoE). Scan verifies the advertising and content itself was played when, where, and what quality level per the service level agreements for easy verification.


Q’ligent enables oversight and unveils the true picture of your media distribution network, un-hiding all the impairments and immediately isolating the true cause of the service imperfections.

As a true enterprise and software product, Q’ligent allows expanding the monitoring network to grow with your distribution network. Each probe is able to be configured to monitor exactly as much information as needed in the particular point. The metrics are aggregated and centrally analyzed, so each operator could transform monitoring results into time-aligned trends, useful KPIs and other analytics helpful at his area of competence and responsibility.

Infinitely scalable, supporting all major broadcasting standards and interfaces such as DVB, ATSC, ISDB, SDI, ASI, T2MI, SMPTE310, BTS, IP, etc., and capable of running on COTS hardware Q’ligent is very cost-effective dramatically decreases the cost of operations and saves staff.